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What do I need to keep in mind when buying a wardrobe?

Above all, a wardrobe offers one thing: lots of space for all your belongings! Our wardrobes and cupboards span every size and function, meaning they fit seamlessly into any space in your home. A bedroom wardrobe offers the perfect storage space for all your t-shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts, dresses and lots more, including accessories and shoes. Our wardrobes can be kitted out with shoe racks, trouser hangers, clothing rails and even our easy-access pull-down clothing rails, enabling you to truly make the best use of the storage space on offer. This practical storage solution keeps everything together, so you’ll never find yourself digging through disorganised shelves for that perfect outfit again.
We also offer bedroom wardrobes with mirrors, which are both practical and create the illusion of even more space and light in your room. For fashion lovers with wardrobes worthy of royalty, our large wardrobes can accommodate even the most extensive of clothing collections. Opt for a large sliding door wardrobe for the ultimate sleek finish. Alternatively, if you’re short on square metres, a 1 door wardrobe can offer all of these storage features to keep you organised, without taking over your space.

Does MYCS make living room furniture?

The best solution for stashing things away in your living room is definitely a wall cabinet. Whether you’re looking for a way to display your TV, your entire hifi system, book, CD and DVD collection, or simply want a stylish shelving unit to complement your carefully chosen decor accessories, a wall cabinet is always a good fit. This classic piece has long since lost its reputation as the dark, bulky piece of furniture that adorned the living room of your grandparents’ home, and is back with a fresh new look that’s as popular as ever. This shelving system can house your entire entertainment system without ever overloading or taking over the whole room. This is all thanks to the timeless design of our cupboards, with their clean lines and flush-fitted door panels, which economise on space.
If it’s a small storage unit you’re looking for, then a chest of drawers fits your requirements perfectly. It’s a great choice for extra bedroom storage space or even as a place to store your keys in the hallway. A chest of drawers is a great space-saving, yet stylish, option for storing hats, scarves, underwear and accessories, or even bags and belts. A wooden chest of drawers from MYCS is a particularly popular choice, as wood adds warmth and depth to any room.

How do I find the perfect wardrobe?

At MYCS, you can design your wardrobe online exactly according to your wishes. Our large selection of colours and materials gives you plenty of freedom to let your creativity roam free. In our configurator, you can select from various available dimensions, and choose your favourite of seven different colours, three real wood veneers. Customise your design even more by adding drawers, doors, back walls, legs and handles to create a truly unique wardrobe design. Combine walnut and white for an understated guest bedroom, or go crazy with colour for a retro-chic look.

What is the benefit of a modular wardrobe?

One further advantage of our furniture is our modular system – a modular wardrobe enables you to keep adding in extra elements even later on, meaning your wardrobe can evolve to suit you and your style even as time goes by. And if you can’t find a design that’s quite right, we also offer made-to-measure wardrobes, either with or without sliding doors, with the help of our team of talented interior designers. They’re always on hand to help and have some great expert design tips, too.
So happy browsing and enjoy designing your own unique wardrobe!