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Tall cupboards: taking stylish storage to new heights

Interesting facts about tall cupboards

You might not think of tall cupboards as a classic, but what if we tell you they are a common sight in most households? The tall cupboard—typical in its narrow shape and significantly taller than wide—is most commonly used as a “broom cupboard”, otherwise known as a multi-purpose cupboard, cleaning cupboard or vacuum cleaner cupboard. Tall cupboards are a great use of space, utilising the maximum storage area available. Today, there are significantly more stylish possibilities for the slim cabinet, which are available in floor-to-ceiling designs.
Tall cupboards make the most of available room while not taking up too much space, and a reduced cabinet depth keeps contents accessible. To use a tall cupboard as a classic broom cupboard, you should opt for a few intermediate shelves and push-to-open cupboard doors, or equip the narrow piece of furniture with an extra shelves so that smaller items can also be stored. In your MYCS tall cupboard, you can also add drawers. With a mix of cabinet doors, drawers and intermediate shelves, you can tailor your tall cabinet perfectly to your own personal requirements.

Four places where tall cabinets are real helpers

1. Tall cupboard in the kitchen: For cleaning supplies and frequently used table linen or as a pantry—a kitchen tall cupboard will slide into even the smallest kitchen!

2. Tall cupboard in the hallway: Anyone who has children knows what can accumulate in the hallway. Sports equipment, clothing, umbrellas, scarves, gloves, and hats find the perfect shelter in a tall cupboard. Paraphernalia stays well hidden while quickly at hand when needed.

3. Tall cupboard in the guest room: A tall cupboard is ideally suited for storing extra items such as blankets and pillows, guest bedding, and towels in a clean, space-saving manner.

4. Tall cupboard in the living room: If your home has high ceilings, then take full advantage of them with a tall cupboard. Transform your space into a library with tall bookcases, or create a floor-to-ceiling display for favourite items and photographs. For practicality, keep rarely used items further up, so that the things you need stay within reach.