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Display cabinets, your way

Why do I need a display cabinet?

Here’s another question: why have valuable, beautiful things if we’re not going to show them off and keep them safe? That’s why we have display cabinets: beautiful cupboards with glass doors that house precious items while keeping them from getting dusty or, even worse, being accidentally knocked. Make a display cabinet even more versatile by incorporating wooden doors so you can also store other items that you’d like to keep out of sight.

What should I consider when buying a display cabinet?

First, consider the items you want to display in your cabinet. Shelf width and height matter, so you’ll want to make sure your precious objects have plenty of space to be safe and stand out. Colour is also key: if you are passionate about collecting white vases, a display case back wall in black is ideal so that your collectibles are visible against a dark background. Conversely, choose a display case back wall in white or light wood to house darker-coloured items. Make sure glass doors and shelves are at eye level for optimal display potential, and choose door handles based on how often you’re likely to open the cabinet. If you regularly need to access what’s inside, small handles are a subtle but practical choice; otherwise, our push-to-open doors keep your items keep the focus.

Kitchen cabinet or collector's cabinet—you decide.

What you display is entirely up to you, but there are some sound principles for how to display items—such as not crowding items together, and letting statement pieces speak for themselves. Aim for a curated approach rather than a jumble of objects that are competing for attention. Similarly, showcasing collections together, rather than keeping them separate, will create a sense of cohesion that enhances their unique appeal. Finally, keep maintenance in mind: your items might be safe behind closed doors, but the glass doors should still get regular polishing, and it’s a good idea to give shelves and delicate pieces an occasional dust.