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Configure your individual showcases by yourself
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Our online configurator allows you to create an infinite number of cominations in designing your furniture - the height, width, and depth of our shelves are almost limitless, meaning you can create shelves for any space and any room. Discreet brackets between the shelves and side walls make our shelving units perfectly stable and ready to house your belongings. You'll find suggestions for shelf designs on our site, such as for bookshelves and kitchen shelves, or you can just jump in yourself and get designing.
Individual designs
What makes our shelves unique is their simple, minimalist, and timeless style. Our high-quality lacquers in a vast range of colours add a special touch to your design. You can combine colours yourself in our configurator, or get some personalised advice on colour combinations from our interior designers, who would be happy to help.
Extras, extras, extras
You can customise your design even further by adding doors and drawers. The solid wood door and drawer fronts stay minimalist thanks to the push-to-open system with no handles, or discreet metal handles that preserve the simple style. Keep your shelf sleek with flush-mounted front panels in a choice of beech, oak or walnut, then choose from five different leg designs to further refine the overall look of your furniture.

Configure your individual showcases by yourself

What distinguishes a showcase?

1. You can never have enough storage space. 2. Everything is dusting so quickly! Hardly anyone will contradict both statements. The solution: showcases. With showcases that combine glass doors with closed fronts, you can eliminate both problems at the same time. Behind the closed elements of the display cabinet you hide things that are useful and necessary, but maybe not quite as beautiful ... For the presentation of the decorative elements, such as vases, small sculptures, beautiful dishes or cherished memorabilia, you use modules with glass doors.

What should you consider when buying a display cabinet?

It's best to look at the color spectrum in which the majority of the objects that you want to display in your display case are. For example, if you are passionate about collecting white vases, a display case back wall in black is ideal. Your collectibles stand out particularly well against the dark background. For pieces in dark shades, however, it is better to choose a display case back wall in white or light wood. When configurating, also make sure to place the transparent elements at eye level. You should choose the handle variant based on how often you actually open the showcase compartments. If you regularly pull out the items inside, small handles are well suited, otherwise simple glass showcases with push-to-open doors look beautiful.

Kitchen showcase or collector's showcase - you decide.

What you declare to be an exhibit in your collector's display is of course entirely up to you. But there are one or two general tips that are generally recommended for the decoration of showcases. It's all in the mix - that is, it is best not to sort all related items in the same compartment, but rather to arrange different items in small still lifes. In addition, the glazed compartments should not be equipped properly. So when you place your dishes in your kitchen display case, push the cups and plates together a little - you can see more of them and it looks a lot more exciting.