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Your perfect shoe storage

What should be kept in mind while designing shoe storage?

Most importantly, your shoe storage has to offer one thing: space! Surprised? Ample storage space should not be underestimated - experience has shown that shoes accumulate quickly over the course of many years. And letting go of beloved sneakers, boots or even sandals can be challenging. After all, you have seen a lot in them!
That’s why it makes perfect sense to think bigger when it comes to shoe storage. Are two levels enough? If you're asking yourself this question: you'd better get three! With a compartment height of 17 cm, you can already imagine that your new shoe cabinet with three compartments will not be too overwhelming. You can also configure it with a compartment height of 36 cm - or 36 cm at the bottom and 17 cm at the top or vice versa! The choice is yours.
Once you’ve determined your dimensions, you should think carefully about where you want to put your shoe storage: In the hallway? That would be obvious. But maybe it even fits in the living room or in another room.
At MYCS you can maximize your individuality when it comes to furniture design. That means your shoe storage can also be unique- so that you may not initially think of it as a shoe cabinet, but rather a sideboard or something similar! Then it could blend into other rooms, such as in the bedroom or maybe even in an extra dressing room. There you can put all your shoes in one place and seamlessly coordinate your outfit with matching shoes.

How can I make my shoe storage more interesting?

Who says that shoe storage has to be on the floor? Maybe yours could be hanging on the wall instead. Hanging storage would have at least two advantages: You don't have to bend down, and it looks interesting!
Maybe you want to put your shoes and clothes together in one piece of furniture? No problem! We offer large wardrobes in which shoe pull-outs are integrated. You can easily store three pairs of shoes on a shelf with a width of 73 cm and, as already mentioned above, at a height of 17 or 36 cm, depending on whether you want to store sneakers or boots.
As most shoes are sensitive to sunlight and quickly fade, you can prevent this by integrating doors into your design. A shoe cabinet like this protects your shoes from not only sunlight, but also from dust. Tip: Try out doors of different colours in our configurator, you will be surprised which combinations come out!

What is so special about shoe storage from MYCS?

It's simple: you. Because you design your own shoe storage at MYCS, you determine the number and height of the compartments, as well as the dimensions and decide whether or where you want doors. And don’t forget about the nearly endless colour combinations. Whether you want two compartments to be green and one red, or three blue, the choice is yours. Design your shoe storage to your taste and to fit your space, whether it is standing on the floor or hanging on the wall.
Tip: A drawer in your shoe cabinet is not only a visual highlight, but also offers space for all kinds of things that are needed for the care of shoes, such as brushes to remove the roughest dirt or shoe polish. Models with shelf feet offer even more options for the individual design of your shoe storage, because you can adapt it to your living style right away.
If your home is furnished in a simple and refined style, then the elegant, round model NORDYC feet might fit very well, but the 6 cm high version LYFT could also blend in harmoniously. If you like it modern, then metal feet might be just your thing. The SPYN castors are practical as they allow you to move your shoe storage flexibly. The design of MYCS shoe storage consists of clear lines and reduced forms, it can be both modern and minimalist. This look can also be achieved through the absence of handles, because our doors can be opened very easily using the “push-to-open principle”. Do you prefer classic grips? You can have it too!

Question 4 : Which services can MYCS offer me?

We will help you with every question about your new shoe storage! You can reach us online at any time and even speak to our interior experts personally in one of our showrooms! You can also write us an email or give us a call. We also give you basic advice on furnishing issues and give you tips for cleaning and care. You can also find help on our website for setting up and assembling your MYCS furniture.
We will also deliver your new and absolutely unique MYCS shoe storage to your home. And if you want, we can build it up for you too!
Now you know enough to get started and to design your individual MYCS shoe storage: Click here for our configurator - and have fun!