GRYD AYR hanging shelf

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Why are the advantages of choosing a hanging shelf?

Once a GRYD lowboard or highboard hangs on a wall, it instantly lightens the feel of the room with elevated storage space. This has an optical effect, and is ideal for smaller rooms and narrow hallways where space is scarce.
Hanging shelves are also suitable for any space that requires a bit more storage. Whether they are hanging above a desk or below a television, hanging shelves provide optimal storage for tight spaces.
You can go even further by designing hanging cupboards with either exposed shelves or cabinet doors to suit your dining room.
You can design your hanging shelf in a wide variety of colours, dimensions and details to either blend in or boldly stand out in your home.
Make the most of every nook and cranny in your home with the GRYD AYR!

What is special about hanging shelves from MYCS?

With MYCS, you have the power to configure an entirely unique hanging shelf. The full range of customisation options are available for this module, meaning you decide the dimensions, colour of each board, quantity of doors, and materials used. While designing your hanging shelf, please keep in mind that rear panels cannot be installed where the brackets are placed.
For anyone who wishes to design the inner workings of their hanging shelf, you have the option to choose from black or white brackets.
Do you have more questions about the GRYD AYR or want to know more? Then visit our FAQ page for more details!