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3 seater sofa FLAYR grey and purple by MYCS detail
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Two-seater sofa: double the relaxation

Why get a two-seater sofa?

A classic two-seater is a small couch that comfortably sits two people. A two-seater sofa is not only suitable for couples or single households, but also for small living rooms or guest rooms. For a guest room, a two-seater sofa bed is ideal. In this way, you can optimise your space, by also providing a sleeping area for guests.
A two-seater sofa should be at least 120 cm wide, or even 160 cm wide. Each person needs at least 60 cm to sit comfortably, so the bigger the better. Our two-seater sofas are also available in a corner sofa model. This variability enables you to use the available space in your living room optimally, and to choose the shape of your two-seater sofa according to your needs and taste. Small Sofas offer you additional seating space or are simply a smart choice for smaller spaces.

What is special about a two-seater sofa from MYCS?

MYCS offers fully customisable furniture. This means that you can design your two-seater to your exact specifications. With the help of our online configurator, you can let your creaticvity run free to design the couch that you need. Freely choose from a range of materials, colours, and diverse design options, such as feet in variable designs. Create classic plain-coloured models or got for bold in unusual colour and material combinations. Only you decide on the look of your two-seater sofa!
For your design,simply use our product examples as a guide, or design a unique sofa from scratch.