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How does my MYCS sofa turn into a sofa bed?

Our sofa beds are practical, comfortable, and beautiful. The durable upholstery gives the sofa backrests a strong and comfortable form, whether you are sitting up or lying down. The sofa bed can be prepared for sleeping by simply pulling the seat forward, and can be further extended by folding down the backrest. The base lays fully flush so that there are no uncomfortable gaps—essential for a good night’s rest. The foam upholstery is comfortable and durable, just like the fabrics we offer for your new couch with a sleeping function . Materials include woven fabric, which consists of 63% cotton and 37% linen and is very pleasant to the skin, or velvet for an extra decadent feel. To get extra cosy, choose our pure and vegan wool, which comes in a wide range of colour options.

Which fabric and colour should my sofa bed be?

If you want a warm feel, woven fabric and wool sofas add snuggle appeal. Leather is a great for a resilient sofa that wears well and gets better with age, and velvet is extra plush and will bring some glamorous drama to your space. Choose the colour of your sofa bed depending on whether you want your sofa bed to blend in or stand out. Beige, white and gray tones are a classic choice; they look clean and are a neutral backdrop for colourful accessories. To create a statement piece that pops, we have a variety of bold shades on offer, as well as muted tones and mottled textures to add interest to a room without overwhelming the space.