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Versatile and practical- the MYCS ottoman

What makes an upholstered stool so attractive?

In addition to our coffee tables ECLYPSE and SYDE, the poufs PYLLOW and TYME are probably our most flexible furniture. They can be used anywhere in the blink of an eye and are extremely versatile in their function. If you want to quickly give your interior a new impulse, ottomans are just ideal.
Even cautious natures can be daring with upholstered stools and initially experiment "on a small surface" with trendy colours and trendy fabrics such as velvet. Even a single ottoman in leather creates a great accent.
For both models - PYLLOW and TYME - you have the same selection of fabrics and materials as with our sofa configurations. When it comes to the design of the feet, you can choose between variants made of stainless steel, wood and painted surfaces for your upholstered stool.

So versatile you can use your ottoman

The classic application of an upholstered stool is that of an additional seat. But you can just as well push it towards your sofa or armchair and comfortably put your legs up. Children are really happy about an upholstered stool, on which they can “hang around” in front of the television.

If you don't need the stool as a leg rest, it can also be used as a coffee table with a tray on top or as a coffee table with photo books and accessories.

And why not explain an upholstered stool to the bedside table. or use it as a storage for your clothes in the bedroom. Your visitor will also be happy to have an additional comfortable seat in the guest room. If your space permits, your upholstered stool will soon greet you in your hallway - as a storage space for your purchases or just to take a break after a long day.