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Put your feet up

Get creative!
Great quality at a great price
Fast and free delivery
100-day refund policy
Our cushions
Customise yours to match your sofa or go crazy with contrasting colours – get creative!
Our fabrics
Woven fabric, wool or velvet – whether you want a natural and textured or silky smooth finish, the choice is entirely yours with our wide range of materials and colours.

Sofas and armchairs – the perfect addition to your evening

Design your own luxury sofa

MYCS offers upholstered furniture in any size, tailored to suit your tastes. Thanks to our online configurator, you can design your sofas and chairs entirely according to your wishes. You can choose the dimensions of your seating, and alter the designs according to your space and the number of people in your household. So whether it’s an extra large corner sofa for the whole family, or a blue velvet armchair - the perfect bedroom accent piece - you can create anything from the comfort of your own home with our 3D online configurator.
You can also create armchairs that, thanks to our wide variety of fabrics and colours, either perfectly match your sofa or create an eye-catching contrast. Mix textures by combining velvet and wool, or opt for an understated finely woven fabric and add a touch of luxe with our matching cushions. So explore our products and get creative: with MYCS, you can be your own designer. Have fun creating your unique, luxury living room furniture!