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Step shelves from MYCS: the individual solution for every room

What distinguishes a step shelf?

Some rooms present us with real challenges. A major one, for example, can be small rooms or rooms with sloping ceilings . An optimal solution: shelves with steps that can be precisely adapted to the circumstances and make perfect use of the available space under a slope. For example, the stepped shelf can rise on one side so that it resembles the shape of a triangle. Or you can configure a high column in the middle and let the shape run down on both sides. Thanks to its unusual shape, the step shelf is also an excellent design element that makes any room more appealing. For example, it is very suitable as a filing cabinet in the home office, in the living room as a storage place for CDs and DVDs, or as a alternative to the classic shoe rack in the hallway. Models that vary in height across the entire width are particularly exciting. The wide variety of options makes it easy for you to create your personal favorites.

Why is tiered shelving from MYCS something special?

In our online configurator, you can design your step shelf according to your wishes, ideas and spatial conditions. Our interior designers have already selected a number of designs for you. Is your favorite already there? If not, just use a design proposal as a starting point and use it to configure your individual one-off.
Our step shelves are available in many different versions. For example, there are models with feet, back panels, baseboard recesses and with drawers, doors and handles. The shelf feet are available in different styles. Starting with the wood variants NORDYC in Scandinavian style, the subtle CLASSYC or LYFT up to the timeless model CYRCLE, there is something for every taste. With SHYFT, SLYM, SYMPLE, LYNK and PYN you also have a wide variety of options in metal - in aluminium and matte gold, as well as coloured lacquer.
The back walls can be designed individually for each compartment. This gives you the opportunity to set individual coloured accents and turn your back walls into an additional design element. Note, however, that you can no longer move the shelves later, as the back panels are always screwed to the shelves. So if you are designing a model with a back wall, think carefully beforehand of what you want to store on the shelf and how high the individual compartments have to be so that everything fits.
Also take into account baseboard cutouts. They offer you two advantages: they save space and the shelf is easier to fix because it is closer to the wall. If you want to protect your belongings from prying eyes or just from dust, a model with doors or drawers is ideal. These are equipped with the push-to-open system as standard. If you choose a model with handles, the doors and drawers have a soft-close function. The handles are available in a modern aluminium look (brushed and polished) or painted in one colour from our extensive range.

How functional and how stable is a step shelf from MYCS?

Our shelves are factory-fitted with adjustable feet that can compensate for unevenness in the floor of up to 15 mm. In combination with the wall mounting, the adjustable feet ensure optimum stability.