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What do I need to keep in mind when buying a shelf?

Shelves are the perfect storage solution for all manner of items, and they are just as versatile as your storage needs are varied. If you’re looking for a storage space for your book collection, then you need something extra stable in a sleek design. The same goes for children's shelves, but perhaps with an added pop of colour. For CD and DVD shelves, narrow, tall shelving systems with small sections are perfect for keeping your collection organised. Stick to more calming colours for filing shelves for your office at home, and make sure you have enough space to store all of your files. A white shelving unit would be perfect, for example.

Before you purchase a particular shelf, you should always ask yourself a few questions. These might include: What do I want to use it for? How big do the individual sections need to be to make the most of the space I have? Do I have enough space to assemble it? How strong does it need to be? Are there any features in my room that I need to account for? For example, stepped shelves are a great way to make the most of the space under a slanted roof, for example.

Our shelving units are available in sizes of up to 498cm wide and 354cm tall. This means that you can create shelves that reach all the way up to the ceiling, even if you live in an old building with high ceilings. And there’s no need to worry about stability with MYCS shelves: each individual shelf board can bear a weight of either 20kg or 30kg, depending on the width of the board. For bookshelves, for example, this amounts to between 8 to 16 books per shelf board. To make them extra secure, our open shelves are also fixed to the wall.

How versatile are MYCS shelves?

Our shelves are incredibly practical. Vertical panels have pre-drilled shelf holes at intervals of 32.5mm, leaving you free to mix up your design as often as you like by moving individual shelves within your design. It also means that, even after assembly, you can continually adapt your shelf depending on your storage needs. There are also numerous different elements and features to choose from at MYCS. For example, you can opt for skirting board cutouts for your shelf, which not only saves space but also makes it easier to secure it to the wall.

We offer both open and closed shelves, and each style has its own advantages. While our open shelves have a light feel and a modern flair, shelves with backwalls can make a real impact in your room. With our configurator, it’s easy to customise each individual back panel and create unique colour accents. It’s this aesthetic simplicity that gives your room a truly modern, yet homely, feel. It’s important to note, however, that the backwalls are screwed onto the shelf panels, meaning you can no longer move them around flexibly. If you opt for a design with backwalls, therefore, you should consider in advance how exactly you plan to use the storage space. We have an incredibly wide range of shelves, including models with feet in various different styles. Opt for rounded NORDYC legs to add a Scandinavian flair to your design or CLASSYC legs if you want to create an understated, minimalist piece. Certain models are also available with our CYRCLE feet, while others are equipped with our 6cm LYFT feet.

What makes MYCS shelves special? What is modular shelving?

At MYCS, we think everyone should have the chance to design their own furniture. And what does that mean for you? You can be your own designer and customise your shelf to perfectly suit your needs, both in terms of functionality and design. And our online 3D configurator is there to help: the possibilities for customisation are almost endless and there is plenty of room for creativity. Our shelving systems have a modern, minimalistic feel, with an emphasis on clean lines and understated features. Likewise, our closed shelves have doors with a handy push-to-open mechanism to maintain this pared-back feel: the handle-free design emphasises the sleek, linear design of our furniture.

Another thing that distinguishes MYCS is our modular shelving system: it enables you to customise pieces to fit your individual space and you even have the option of adding additional modules and elements at a later date. Whether it’s custom shelves for books, CDs and DVDs in your living room, a colourful children’s bookshelf or a modern, oak bookshelf to complete your home office furniture, with MYCS you can design a shelf that caters to your exact needs and wishes.