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About us

MYCS is an interior design company headquartered in Berlin. Our mission is to make made-to-measure and custom furniture the new normal. We enable customers to design products according to their own unique styles and spaces. From sofas to sideboards, shelves to tables, MYCS helps you set your creativity free and brings your designs to life. We’re starting a design revolution – and creativity and individuality are at the very heart of it. We’re therefore very keen to support talented students who share our vision.

What’s on offer

We are offering one student a scholarship of £2000, to help them realise their full potential and follow their dreams. Gender, ethnicity, age and financial background are irrelevant when it comes to talent, wit and creativity – our scholarship is open to students from all walks of life.

How to apply for the scholarship

Please send us an innovative essay in which you discuss an original and creative solution to a problem of your choosing. The problem should, however, be related to your field of study, whether that’s accounting, marketing, design, medicine, HR, English, film or something else entirely. The problem can be something specific or a larger scale issue – anything from improving the design of a particular device, to a solution to an everyday inconvenience in the workplace. Please ensure that you go into enough depth about both the problem itself and your unique solution to it. Your solution needs to be explained clearly enough that it could be implemented and lead to real results. Including cost estimations and timeframes is particularly helpful in this respect.

Please note:
- The scholarship is open to both undergraduates and postgraduates who are currently students of the university.
- The essay must be at least 2000 words.
- The essay must be written in English, French or German.
- You must be registered as a student at a British university (please include a copy of your proof of matriculation/current student status with your application).
- The scholarship of £2000 will be awarded to the winner as a lump sum and the winner will also be featured in a blog article in our online MAGAZYNE.

Applications must be sent to by 01.05.19 at the latest. The successful candidate will be notified by 31.05.19.