COVID-19 announcement of MYCS

The past few months have presented our staff, clients and partners with a new set of challenges. We have never been in such a situation before. Therefore, we believe that proactive and transparent communication with our staff, clients and partners is the best way to avoid uncertainty and answer the many questions.
Our greatest concern is to protect all clients and staff from possibly contracting the virus.
Below you will find information about your order and delivery as well as our telephone customer service and our showrooms.

Longer delivery times possible due to Covid-19 and wood crisis:

We are working to make sure you get your custom MYCS furniture as soon as possible. However, two factors are currently working against us: Covid-19 and the international timber crisis. The virus and related measures are still affecting the process, from manufacturing to when the product is delivered.
In addition, the demand for wood on the international market is matched by a shortage of supply. It is often uncertain when material will be available for production, and the entire supply chain is out of sync. This impacts us greatly because your MYCS furniture is individually configured by you. This means that we require exact materials at a very specific time to fulfil your personal requirements. Because of this, delivery times can be delayed or changed on short notice, which unfortunately cannot always be predicted.
We want you to know that your MYCS team will not leave you alone! We are constantly working on optimisations and are there to support. Even if some things work against us.

Your MYCS Orders:

We are currently experiencing an enormous increase in orders - which makes us extremely happy. However, this has an impact on the delivery times of your furniture - there may be delays.
Production of your goods is in progress and we are doing our best to ensure that your furniture from MYCS reaches you as quickly as possible. The introduction of increased hygiene measures - such as staggered work shifts in production - means that we can process fewer orders per day and therefore delivery times will be longer overall. Again, we will inform you of any changes in a timely manner.
Our adjusted delivery times are reflected throughout the website.
We are in daily communication with our shipping partners to inform you as soon as possible of any changes or delays.
Our offices remain closed due to the given situation. Our staff have been working from home for the past few months to continue to provide you with a fantastic shopping experience.
Of course, we at MYCS pay close attention to the required hygiene measures. The employees in our warehouse as well as our partners and producers work under strict hygienic regulations, so that your ordered products will reach you safely as soon as possible.

Contactless Delivery:

Until further notice, our logistics partners DHL2MH and Rhenus will make contactless deliveries of forwarded goods. MYCS assemblies will continue to be carried out.
Deliveries of shipments via parcel service providers will be handed over at the door accordingly, i.e. in front of the apartment door in the building or at the front door of a single-family home.
To minimise the risk of infection, the delivery team does not require the recipient's signature on the tablet. Instead, the team member takes a photo of the delivery situation and signs on the tablet with "Delivery made".

Delivery with DHL 2MH:

Since 22.06.2021, the previously existing restrictions on service provision at the recipient's home have been lifted nationwide. This applies to all services within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We are pleased to be able to fully perform the assembly and installation services you requested for orders from 22.06.21 onwards again.

Please note that it is essential to continue to pay attention to the following points during delivery or service while the team is in the recipient's home:
- Wearing a mouth and nose covering
- Observing the valid and recommended distance rule
- Adequate room ventilation (especially during longer assemblies)


Delivery will be made to your desired room. Please note the above points to ensure a smooth delivery. Collections will also take place as usual. Please note that DHL2MH may currently experience delays of up to 10 working days in processing returns. We apologise for this.

Order Confirmation:

Until further notice, our delivery staff will sign the delivery scanner. In addition, the recipient customer will receive a printed form (delivery confirmation) with the request to fill it out or sign it with their own pen (contactless delivery). This form is assigned to the corresponding photo.

Delivery with Rhenus:

The following update applies to the delivery area of Saxony as of 23.11.2021
From now on, the Corona Emergency Ordinance will apply in the federal state of Saxony. Due to this ordinance, we are restricted in delivery as follows:
1. Our delivery teams are instructed not to enter the private or business premises of the recipient until further notice. Consignments delivered to the point of use will be handed over at the front door, i.e. in front of the apartment door in the building or at the front door of a single-family home.
2. If the corresponding collection or disposal has been issued, the returns/old appliances/old furniture will be taken away by our teams, provided that they are ready at the apartment door.
3. All additional services, such as unpacking, taking along packaging, connection services, as well as the ready-to-use installation of furniture, will be discontinued until further notice.
4. 4-man deliveries (and collections) are not possible. On request, the delivery (or collection) of heavy goods can be made kerbside by 2 men.
As it is possible that additional measures will have to be taken on short notice or that further areas will be affected, we would ask you to check this page regularly. We will inform you here immediately as soon as we can resume our usual services.

We ask for your understanding of the necessary measures that have been taken.

In all other federal states, Rhenus is able to offer services in full.
Nevertheless, in order to keep the risk of infection low, our delivery and installation teams will continue to wear mouth-to-nose coverings and observe the recommended distance rules while on the premises of customers. In addition, the following rules apply:

1. All members of the household are free of Covid-19 symptoms and the household is not in quarantine.
2. A distance of at least 1.5 metres must be maintained.
3. Hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing rules must be observed.
4. Mouth and nose protection must be worn.
5. All rooms must be well ventilated.
6. All passageways must be clear.
If these rules are not observed, activities and set-up services cannot be carried out. Items will be handed over or collected at the apartment door accordingly,i.e. in front of the apartment door in the building or at the front door of a single-family home.

Our new restrictions apply until revoked. We are following developments very closely and will keep you up to date on our landing page.

Any further regional restrictions will be listed and updated below.

Assembly Service:

Our assembly service is still available in all regions. It goes without saying that we carry out the installation service in strict compliance with all hygienic requirements. Furthermore, we ask you to let us know if there have been any illnesses in your immediate area so that we can reschedule the appointment for a later date or deliver the products to you without contact instead.


Our showrooms are open to visitors again. Please note the maximum number of people allowed and the valid hygiene and safety concept. Please inform yourself in advance about local regulations on our respective showroom pages. There you can also book a telephone consultation or an appointment via video using the tool on the corresponding pages for Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Dusseldorf, Zurich, Paris and Stuttgart.

Outside of the appointments, we are still available for you by phone, chat and email. Alternatively, you can stroll through our virtual showroom around the clock.
You can also still reach us free of charge by telephone on: 0330 808 7475 as well as by email

Thank you for your understanding, stay healthy.

Kind Regards,
Christoph Jung