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3 seater sofa FLAYR grey and purple by MYCS detail
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For your break from everyday life: your customisable recamiere!

What distinguishes a recamiere?

The word recamiere initially described a combined seating and reclining unit without a backrest and with high armrests, which evolved from the chaise longue. Today the resemblance to the original chaise longues is even more striking. A sofa with a chaise longue element today also has a backrest and an armrest on the right or left side, depending on how comfortable it is. Because of this striking similarity, both terms are used synonymously today.

What is special about a sofa with a chaise longue from MYCS?

You can transform a classic recamiere sofa from MYCS into something as unique as you! With MYCS you get to become the furniture designer. In our online configurator, you can design your chaise longue according to your wishes. You decide on the design, the fabric for the cover and the colour of your chaise longue. Thanks to the large selection of textiles and colours, there are almost no limits to the visual design, so you can let your creativity run free. Whether you create a chaise longue in a modern design, a model in gray or a chaise longue in leather, it is completely up to you. Your individual chaise longue not only impresses with its unique design, but also with its premium seating comfort. Thanks to the combination of soft components, you can let yourself comfortably fall into it, while the solid foundation provides support. Sit comfortably with back-friendly support at the same time.