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The different elements of a chair

Chairs usually consist of a backrest, chair legs and a seat. The backrest is not just a design element, it also serves as a support that helps us to sit in a related and upright posture. The wider the backrest, the greater the seating comfort. The height and shape of the seat also have a major influence on our posture. If the seat is too low, we tend to sit unevenly, which puts long term strain on the spine. A seat that is too high can also lead to an improper and uncomfortable sitting posture.
The four legs of the chair were originally used to stabilize the chair. There are now exceptions, such as the swing chair, which is a real eye-catcher due to its special leg design. You can also add armrests to your chair for even more seating comfort.

Did you know that all MYCS seat shells are environmentally friendly?

The plastic of our seat shells consists of a sustainable and recycled fiber-reinforced synthetic and composite material. This plastic is made from renewable cellulose fibers, which not only reduces the use of oil-based plastics, but also reduces the carbon footprint by 50%. Without exception, all cellulose fibers come from sustainably managed forests.