Winter 2018/19: festive fabrics and cosy colours

We’ve rounded up a selection of the best fabrics and colours to keep you cosy and warm over the cold winter months: velvet, wool, Guatemala marble, beech and berry tones.

Over the winter months, we tend to spend lots of time cosying up at home. So it goes without saying that we don’t mind spending more time decorating to achieve that perfect winter atmosphere. With this in mind, we’ve prepared a list of five fabrics, materials and colours that are sure to make a real impact for Winter 2018/19.

Velvet: luxurious, cosy and soft

Is there anything better than snuggling up on a soft velvet sofa? Velvet is a synthetic material made from polyester, and is similar to fleece. It’s warm, unbelievably soft and surprisingly low-maintenance. It currently reigns supreme as king of the interior trends, too. With its short pile, velvet is irresistible to the touch and, depending on which way it is brushed, has intriguing shapes and shadows. But it can be dressed down, too. For a more relaxed feel over the summer months, add some boldly patterned cushions or a simple throw to your velvet sofa.

Wool: a timeless choice

Looking for a natural fabric that’s still warm and cosy? As one of the oldest materials, wool is the way to go. Densely woven wool, as used for upholstery, strikes the perfect balance between soft and coarse. It’s hard-wearing, but also perfect for snuggling up on, as it retains heat exceptionally well. A breathable, stain-resistant fabric, wool doesn’t absorb odours as much as other fabrics, and is therefore well-suited to households with children, pets or smokers.

For design lovers: Guatemala marble

Guatemala green marble, which – contrary to its name – comes from India, is used by some to protect from evil. And surely this can only be a good thing during the darker months? This cool, deep green marble features faint white veins. The overall effect is a soft, shadowy marble. Marble’s calming look mirrors the tranquility of the winter months, while the rich green retains a touch of summery freshness. We love to style it with gold, brass, dark red or white!

Beech: our all-time favourite

There’s no such thing as too much warmth in winter. One material that always delivers on warmth is beech – and its intricately textured grain is truly eye-catching. For a Scandi look, the classic combination of white and beech is unbeatable for a festive feel. Overall, beech goes with everything and brightens up any room. Alternatively, for a somewhat starker contrast, combine beech with black for a sleek edge.

Winter colours: getting berry cosy!

We were already in deep with berry tones back in autumn, but why stop there? All tones of red – from pale, dusty pink to rich magenta – add lots of warmth in the colder seasons. Our top picks for winter would be either a burgundy side table or an armchair in blackberry red velvet or aubergine purple wool. Or for something altogether different, frostier tones such as ice blue or simple grey are an effortless way to cool things down.

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