Warm, elegant and bold: in Lyon with Stéphanie

We met up with Stéphanie, the winner of our #mymycs competition, to learn more about her and her unique interior style…and she certainly didn’t disappoint!

Stéphanie, the photo you sent in of your NORDYC TYMBER table looks very professional. Are you a photographer or graphic designer?

Great guess, I am actually a graphic designer! So I work with images every day. But I’m not a professional photographer, I just have a real passion for photography and really enjoy it. I work in visual communication design, so I have an eye for what makes an image look good.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I’m really lucky in that I love my job. I love the creative aspect of it: exploring ideas and figuring out a visual way of expressing them. I work with a huge variety of clients, which has the advantage that every day is different. I’ve always loved drawing and it’s great to be able to make a living from it. Another huge advantage of my job is the freedom it gives me. After twelve years of working for a communications agency, I founded my own small graphic design agency together with a friend. I wouldn’t change it for the world and never want to lose the independence I’ve gained from it. It’s the perfect fit for me.

Our agency is called Shifumi, which is another name for the game rock-paper-scissors. Our logo has always been a paper bird, and as time has gone by people have grown fond of it and started nicknaming us ‘the paper birds of shifumi’, which reflects another really important aspect of work for me: togetherness. www.shifumi.com

Collage of Stéphanie's kitchen and hallway with bold decor
From the kitchen to the hallway, every corner is an example of Stéphanie’s eye for design

You have quite a few ornaments and decorations from different cultures in your dining room. Do you enjoy travelling?

Travelling is one of my goals in life – I’m passionate about it. I’m very lucky to have been able to visit a lot of places already and am always keen to go on new adventures. There’s so much to see out there! Beautiful countries, different cultures and so many people to meet. I often bring back items from my travels so there are quite a few souvenirs dotted around my house.

Stéphanie, our #mymcs competition winner accessorises with
Stéphanie has all sorts of souvenirs from her travels around her house

From your winning photo, it’s clear from your use of accessories that you have a real eye for detail. Where does this passion come from?

It’s true that I’ve always loved decorating things, enjoyed embellishing them. I think it reflects an important element of my personality, actually: I’m a very optimistic person and that tends to lead me to see the beauty in things, not that I ignore imperfections, of course. But I love harmony. Like lots of little girls, when I was younger I used to spend hours arranging my doll’s house. I’ve always loved rearranging spaces to create balance, and studying applied arts only furthered my love of decorating.

Also, I attach a great deal of importance to the smaller details. The way I see it, they add a narrative dimension: they tell a story and allow you to truly personalise a space. And it’s the same for life in general, too. With clothes, for example, it’s often the little details (buttons, patterns, fabrics) that catch my eye.

Stéphanie's winning #mymycs photo entry: dining room
The winning photo from our #mymycs competition, featuring Stéphanie’s NORDYC TYMBER table

You have lots of plants in your dining room. Are they an important feature for you to have in your home?

Before I moved to central Lyon 15 years ago I lived in the countryside with my parents, and my mum has always loved plants, so as a result I’m used to having them around the house. Sadly that doesn’t automatically translate to a green thumb, so I find it quite difficult maintaining them and keeping them healthy!

Which three words would you use to describe your style?

Warm, elegant and bold.

Which is your favourite room?

Our open-plan living room (which is actually a kitchen, living room and dining room all in one), because that’s where I spend the most time together with my husband and our two daughters. Open-plan kitchens do sometimes have their disadvantages but I love cooking so I mostly just enjoy the social aspect.

Stéphanie's living room is a quirky mix of colour and prints
Stéphanie’s colourful yet harmonious living room

Do you follow interior design trends? And if so, what would you say are the must-haves for 2018?

I do subscribe to interior design magazines, newsletters and blogs, so yes, I’m aware of the trends, but I don’t tend to follow them. Images and trends we see have a real influence on our style, but then again a home isn’t something you create overnight. It’s more a case of gradually accumulating bits and bobs that reflect your life and your personality – or your whole family’s personalities, in my case.

Stéphanie's child's bedroom
Home: an assortment of bits and bobs collected over time

As the winner of our #mymycs competition, you received a €500 voucher to spend at MYCS. Have you already chosen your next piece of MYCS furniture?

We’ve ordered a velvet convertible sofa in petrol blue. I think it’ll be the perfect piece for our home, and will mean we can also have guests to stay the night. We can’t wait to get it!

Stéphanie's bedroom
The cat seems to be enjoying cosying up on the bed…much more than he’s enjoying being woken up from his nap

Thank you very much to Stéphanie for the interview!