At home with TV host Johanna Klum in Berlin

A significant Scandi influence, a touch of glamour, a dash of industrial chic and a select few vintage pieces – this is how Johanna Klum describes her interior style. Join us for a closer look around her living room…

Johanna, most of us know you from your work on television. What have been the most exciting, the best and the craziest presenting jobs you’ve ever had?

Oh, that’s a tough one. I think one of the most exciting jobs was early on in my career. I was working for MTV, and after just a couple of weeks they flew me out to LA to interview Keanu Reeves. Essentially I had no idea what I was doing. (laughs) I always loved the Bundesvision Song Contest (Germany’s answer to Eurovision) with Stefan Raab! There are so many talented musicians involved, and it was fantastic to broadcast live with someone as unpredictable as Stefan – it was always so full of surprises. Presenting that show was always a huge challenge and I really loved it!

And as for the craziest: I once had to interview Kim Kardashian in a limousine in Majorca, but she wouldn’t let the cameraman into the car. So I spent two hours driving all around the island with her and her entourage, without recording a single moment of it. But it was so much fun.

How would you describe your interior style? And which three things would you say are absolute living room staples?

I wouldn’t say I really have a clearly defined style in my home. It’s more of a mishmash of different influences. There’s an obvious Scandi influence, because I just love the clean lines of Scandanavian style. But there’s a touch of glamour, too, and a dash of industrial chic, as well as a few vintage pieces – always. But the main thing for me is that it needs to feel cosy! That’s why I also have lots of cushions, tartan blankets, candles and books – and I always have a fresh bunch of flowers.

Collage of Johanna Klum's white marble SYDE table by MYCS
Eye-catching: Unusual decor accessories such as wire baskets as fruit bowls and cushions with bold prints and unique textures

Is there a particular piece of furniture that you’ve had for years and plan on keeping forever?

I had a mirror imported from the South of France. It has an old, beautifully intricate wooden frame and the paint is starting to flake away. I’ll never get rid of it!

Your “sunroom”, as you’ve named it, is now radiantly decorated in pale pink and deep green tones. How did you decide on this beautiful, yet daring colour combination for your MYCS furniture?

I just fell completely in love with this gorgeous shade of green! I don’t usually go for green tones, but I couldn’t resist this shade and I’m still loving the results. I love the contrast the soft pink creates; it really accentuates the furniture, and I think it adds a certain sense of lightness to the room, too.

What made you choose velvet for your TYME sofa bed? And why a marble SYDE table?

I wanted an inviting fabric for my sofa! And velvet is just so comfortable – and it’s not half as delicate as you might think. The contrast between soft velvet and marble is just so luxurious, too. Pairing the two together seems to really accentuate their unique qualities.

Collage of gold contrasted with Guatemala green marble, and white marble table accessorised with flowers
Gold contrasts beautifully with Guatemala green marble

Are there any interior trends you’re sick of seeing? And any that you really want to introduce into your home this winter?

I think everyone should decorate their homes according to their own tastes, so I wouldn’t say there are really any no-gos, as such. One trend I’ve never really understood, though, is pouffes. What are they actually for? Just decoration, no? (laughs) And as for one thing I’d love to have, it would be some beautiful tiles for my kitchen wall.

You’re a mother of two. Did your decor style change at all when you had your first – or even this time with your second – child?

I don’t think it did, really, in terms of style. Or if it did, then it wasn’t because of my children. But that does mean that not all of my furniture is child-friendly – we haven’t had any problems so far, though. We just moved a few decor accessories out of the little ones’ reach.

What does a cosy Sunday at home involve for you?

A lie in…until around 8am. My little ones aren’t sleeping in any longer than that just yet – unfortunately! Then we just laze around for the day. We spend lots of time on the sofa or in bed, reading to the kids and having a long, late brunch. Afterwards, we play or paint together, and we love cooking as a family, too. I really love family days, especially as my job often involves travelling to other cities. That’s why it’s great on a Sunday to just relax and spend some time together.

Other than your home in Berlin, where is your favourite place to be?

Oh, I’ve fallen in love with Amsterdam, with its canals running through the whole city. And the little bridges that connect one canal to another. And the gorgeous narrow, lopsided houses that look like they’re being held up by the neighbouring houses. Amsterdam is so charming – I’d happily live there.

And now for some quick-fire questions…

Coffee or tea? Coffee!! And as much as possible at the moment, as my son has a serious case of FOMO and prefers not to sleep! (laughs)
Jeans or dresses? Dress.
Sweet or savoury? Savoury.
Book or podcast? I love reading, but at the moment I’m more into podcasts.
Snow or beach? Beach. Always!
Dogs or cats? Cats.
Rock or pop? Pop.

Cosy details in the living room of Johanna Klum
Our white marble SYDE table takes centre stage next to Johanna’s other cosy corner sofa.

Dear Johanna, thanks so much for the interview and for letting us have a look around your living room!


If you want to find out more about Johanna, her family or her interior style, take a look at her instagram at @johannaklum

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