5 ways to make a small room look bigger

Small spaces aren’t a problem, they’re a great opportunity to get creative! We’ve put together five great examples of space-saving solutions with the help of cleverly-designed furniture, colour schemes and a great deal of creativity!

Would your home be perfect if it wasn’t for that one tiny room? We had a look on Instagram and found five great décor ideas where MYCS furniture made a perfect match with our customers’ creativity.

1. A book installation

If there’s no way you can fit a bookshelf in your room, then here’s our tip, inspired by Dustin: make a statement by stacking your books under one of our SYDE console tables near the stairs – they barely take up any space at all!

2. Floating storage

Short on square footage but still in need of storage space? Here’s one of our favourite décor ideas: floating furniture! Mounting your lowboards and shelves on the wall not only makes your room look bigger, it also creates extra storage space underneath.

3. Wall murals

Tired of the uninspiring view out of your window? Then just put your favourite view on your wall instead! A mural makes a huge difference to a small room: it softens the edges, draws the eye away from the corners of the room and adds a more spacious feel.

The vast expanse

For anyone who feels a bit cramped in a small room, white walls and light floors are the way to go! Create a strong contrast with elegant furniture in dark tones to draw the eye away from the corners of the room – and add a mirror to maximise the impact.

Small room? Try multi-functional furniture

Need somewhere to work but don’t have space for a desk? Want to use your laptop for something other than just binge-watching TV in bed? We have the answer: opt for multi-functional furniture and design a shelf that doubles as a practical workspace!

Create space with practical furniture

With small rooms, it’s especially important to think practically. One classic example of multi-functional furniture is a sofa bed, which ensures that you always have space for overnight guests. Likewise, the bed drawer beneath is often perfect for stowing away all sorts of bits and bobs. Similarly, made-to-measure or stepped shelving can make the most of a sloped roof, while room dividers with lots of compartments offer a huge amount of storage without taking up too much precious square footage. Another tip is to keep decorations minimal to avoid making a small room feel cluttered. So there you go, have fun furnishing your room!

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