Boho chic: make your living room a bohemian decor paradise

Is your living room, dining room, or bedroom in need of a makeover? Are you keen on natural materials, comfortable fabrics, and a touch of greenery? Then look no further than bohemian chic decor.

Be bold: go for bohemian decor

The bohemian look is unconventional and bold. This timeless style is effectively reinvented by every new generation, which means there are no strict rules that guide it. Essentially, when it comes to boho style, the craziest combinations are absolutely allowed, and even encouraged. Of course there are recurring themes and elements that distinguish bohemian decor: woven fabrics, fleece, raffia and wicker, plenty of natural wood, and a jumbled mixture of patterns and materials, as well as both pale and intense colours working side by side.

It’s all in the details

The best news about boho interior style is that this wonderful mixture of hippy, ethnic, and oriental elements is largely created through accessories, and can therefore be mixed in an original and individual way with furniture and interior pieces of different styles. If you like the modern and minimalist look, for example, just a few carefully-chosen home accessories would be enough to infuse your living or dining room with a boho chic vibe. Instead of just one simple vase, arrange a few unique ones on your dining table along with some mismatched chairs. When it comes to chairs, you can’t get more boho than wicker with seat covers in natural fabrics.

Embrace natural influences

The charm of bohemian decor is in its natural feel, so of course wooden furniture is the perfect basis for creating a boho room. A walnut sideboard in your living room, for example, would not only offer the perfect place to store your odds and ends, but would also provide yet another surface to display eclectic decorative pieces. Flea market finds and other unique items help add that personal touch to make your space truly your own. And the key ingredient to a boho chic space: plants and flowers. They bring a touch of extra colour and amplify the natural boho style, whether it’s in a classic vase, decorative raffia baskets, hanging from a wall or standing on a windowsill. Using textiles such as colourful carpets, felt accessories, or a smattering of cushions can also help to add even more colour to your room.

Happy decorating!


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