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General information

Do you have questions about the delivery, payment or design of your product? Or simply need somebody to reassure you that your design is, indeed, as fantastic as you think it is? We are here to help. 6 days a week. Simply write to us or call us. We are available on Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm; Sat: 10pm-6am.

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International Phone Number: +49 (0)30 209 665870
*(monday to friday from 9am to 6pm, saturday from 10am to 6pm CET)

Customisable. Individual. Fuss-Free.

Do you spend days trawling through furniture stores and nights scouring the internet for furniture, only to end up settling for something less than perfect? We think it's time to stop compromising.

MYCS enables you to design custom furniture that suits your taste and requirements. We offer sustainable materials, great quality and minimalist designs that are (almost) endlessly customisable. Our configurator is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. Thanks to our free and fast delivery your furniture will arrive faster than you can say, "MYCS is absolutely marvelous!"

How Do I MYCS It Up?

With our configurating tool you can custom design furniture that suits your exact taste and requirements. The 360° 3D visualisation helps you see your design from all angles. On the right there is a navigation section which allows you to customise your furniture bit by bit – from size to colour to finish. All modular designs are compatible with each other – so you can turn your lowboard into a bookshelf or your desk into a dining table with just a few clicks.

Saving your design means that you can access it at a later date and tweak it or even start from scratch. If you'd like a second opinion about your creative work you can share your design with friends or get in touch with our customer service team, which is available 6 days a week.

MYCS Stands for Quality

Our furniture is made with love. We care about how our pieces are produced and the materials that we use. Each product is crafted by carefully selected furniture makers and is constructed from superior materials including wood from sustainable sources. We use environmentally friendly varnishes. At the moment our offer comprises custom tables, shelves, couches and cupboards but you'll be excited to hear that we aim to expand! Soon beds and chairs will join our repertoire. We are always aiming higher – but we do this carefully and in a considered manner. We don't want to be just another bland online furniture store: we want to connect with our customers and share our love for customisable design with them. It is our vision to empower our customers and give them the opportunity to create bespoke designs online in just a few simple clicks.